Malibu Half-Marathon: Fundraising for Bosnian Youth

315679_220890214633794_1412085680_nThose of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while might know that almost exactly a year ago I started running, and encouraged by my lack of serious back pain I’ve been slowly trying to increase my running distance and have completed quite a few races. I realized early on that signing-up for a race is good motivation to keep going, especially given the cold Chicago winters and humid summers. After being able to run 3-4 miles a few times a week, you don’t need much training for shorter 5-10K races, and even if you slack off during some weeks, you can still catch up on your training. However, I knew a half-marathon would require more time commitment so even though it was the next logical distance to sign-up for, I’ve delayed the date until after moving out of Chicago since I knew I won’t have time to fully commit to it. The Big Sur half-marathon was quite tempting, but the price is rather high ($125!), not to mention that it would require driving/hotel so despite it’s nice setting, I decided to broaden my search. That’s when I discovered the Malibu Half-Marathon: half the price, scenic route, and not too far to drive to in the morning! I swear an earlier post from them said 100 days, but the more recent one said 60 days!!! I know, I still have time, but I am starting to feel a little time-pressure!

I’ve always completely ignored the option to set-up a fundraising page during registrations since I know part of my registration fee will go to charity, and also don’t want to burden my friends with my requests. However, when my sister came back after her most recent trip to Bosnia this summer disappointed about the lack of funding and asked me if I would be willing to run a race for the Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most, I decided it won’t hurt to set-up a fundraising page for it. Worst case scenario, no one will donate and I would have lost 30 min of my life, best case scenario the page will get shared enough that it will reach some people that can help. Plus, running for a cause, besides my personal fitness, can provide extra-motivation 🙂

You can read about why you might want to donate on my sister’s blog here. The center does some great work in the local community, as well as helping lots of volunteers such as my sister shape up their careers in conflict resolution. If it weren’t for my sister, I would have never thought about helping people in Bosnia where technically the conflict is over, while we have so many new conflicts all over the world. However, this served me as a good lesson: I should really rely less on the media when picking my charities. It is the small grassroots organizations that are struggling the most in reaching potential donors, and while we obviously cannot help everyone, we can however pick a cause that’s important to us and try to help raise awareness.

Anyways, here is my fundraising page:

It would mean a lot if you could share it with your friends even if you cannot donate. If you do end up making a donation please leave a comment or send me a personal message saying you’ve done so and one lucky person will get a food-related gift in the mail 😉

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