Santa Hustle 5K

Santa Hustle 5K pre-race photo

Santa Hustle 5K pre-race photo

This past Saturday, I and a few of my lab mates, successfully completed the Santa Hustle 5K run. Since not everyone got a chance to sign-up for the Hot Chocolate 5K, we decided to run this 5K together, despite the possibility of really cold weather. I almost didn’t sign up for this race after my slight disappointment with the Hot Chocolate run, but I am very glad I did as this was an AWESOME race and it was much better organized! The tallest Santa in the picture was the designated packet pick-up person and he said it was a breeze. Also, we got to start fairly fast, the course was well marked and at the end we were greeted with water, bananas, Nature Valley bars, etc.

Obviously, the most fun part of the race was running in a sea of Santas and other holiday costumed people. There were reindeer teams, elves, Santa and a Christmas tree and even a real Santa (real beard, real belly, high quality Santa costume :-)).

Post-race, we got to hang out with real reindeers.

Santa Hustle 5K -reindeers

Santa Hustle 5K -reindeers

The reindeers looked sleepy, bored and really not impressed with our fake Santa outfits 🙂 Or maybe they were upset to have had to make the trip south from the North Pole and sit in a tiny fenced area while they were still on their before Christmas break 😉

We also got to take pictures in Santa’s sleigh :

Santa Hustle 5K - post race picture

Santa Hustle 5K – post race picture

Overall, the race was well organized and fun and I would definitely do it again. It was really nice to run with more people and the girls and I ran together during the entire race. Maria, the girl in the middle, motivated us to sprint to the end and finish in about 28 minutes! I didn’t think this would be possible with a narrow course (half was run on the bike path by the lake, not a real street), quite a few walkers, and people chocking on their cookies abruptly stopping in front of you, so it was a really nice surprise to see our time 🙂

While I know you can run a 5K on the lake front path by yourself, it’s really not the same as running a race, so I recommend signing up for one if you need some extra motivation to run. It has definitely helped me 😉 Now, I need to find my next race 🙂

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6 Responses to Santa Hustle 5K

  1. Mary says:

    Looks like it was fun!

  2. That is a great finishing time!! Go you! Looks like so much fun 🙂 I am ready to find my next race, too! But first — making some of your fish-sauce green beans! YUM!!

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