A Few Thanksgiving Suggestions

While I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, I was quick in adopting this holiday after moving to the US, since how can you not celebrate a holiday that revolves about food and spending time with your friends and family? I think every country should have a Thanksgiving holiday 🙂

I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving meals for a few years now, and I do have some favorite recipes, but not all have made it to the blog yet. This year I will be having some friends over, but thankfully one of my American friends is in charge of the turkey, since there is no way the big bird will ever fit into my tiny convection oven 🙂 I will be in charge of making pie and an assortment of sides. Bellow I summarized a few recipes that you might find useful when preparing your holiday meal.

Best pie ever: Pecan Bourbon Pie

But if you prefer pumpkin: Pumpkin Mascarpone pie

This year, I an thinking about combining the two and giving this Pumpkin Pecan Pie recipe a try.

For a slight twist on the green beans casserole (which I’ve actually never eaten so I am inclined to think its popularity is on decline :-)), here is a recipe that combines corn and green beans and one with a Mediterranean twist.

While I like green beans, the next two veggies are my favorite for every holiday meal: Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. You can’t go wrong with either one, or both 😉

Another favorite recipe that hasn’t made it on the blog with pictures, is this Sweet Potato recipe from Smitten Kitchen that works as a great appetizer. If I’ll have enough time I may give this Momofuku’s Brussels Sprouts fish sauce vinaigrette a try.

A lot of these recipes are pretty easy to make, so keep them in mind if you need to save your side dishes 🙂

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope to post successful variations of the pecan pumpkin pies and maybe a new Brussels Sprouts recipe after the holiday 😉

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3 Responses to A Few Thanksgiving Suggestions

  1. ooooh Momofuku brussels with fish sauce?!?! i pinned that… totally going to try it 🙂 i’ve made brussels three times in the last week! i just love ’em! i didn’t know until now that you didn’t grow up here in the US! do you have some Romanian recipe favorites up your sleeve to share with us? 🙂

    • my Asian friend loved the fish sauce, the other guests didn’t care so much about it, but hey at least they ate the sprouts 🙂 it’s also possible that everyone was so eager to eat (most of my guests barely ate before) and with all the dishes they forgot my directions about what goes with what 🙂 I don’t cook as much Romanian food anymore since I am eager to experience new things (and I ate only Romanian food for the first 19 yrs of my life!), but so far I posted recipes for the cabbage rolls, moussaka and my favorite potato salad…may make a few more recipes around Christmas since that’s when I miss my mom’s cooking most!

      • I remember the recipes you mentioned blogging here! that’s so awesome! i love that you are mainly wanting to stick with new recipes and experiences. your life will be so rich with new things to try, and old comforts. bravo 🙂

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