Happy Birthday, Julia Child!












Somehow, I missed the fact that Julia Child’s 100th birthday was coming up, and I don’t have a recipe to post today. I promise I will post one soon! Since I didn’t grow up in this country, I was not very familiar with Julia Child until the movie Julie and Julia.  While, it wasn’t the greatest movie ever, I truly enjoyed seeing Julia and Julie cook… plus Meryl Streep was phenomenal! I now own three Julia Child books and her Mastering the Art of French Cooking is the most used cookbook in my kitchen. I tend to find most of my recipes online, but when it comes to classics, fancy buttery dishes and how to tackle a new vegetable or butchering something, Julia’s book is an invaluable source of information. While some of her recipes require way too many pots and way too much butter :-), Reine de Saba is my all time favorite cake and her rabbit and lobster thermidor are probably some of the best dishes I cooked.

Since I don’t have a new recipe (yet!), here are links to some of the Julia’s recipes I’ve posted so far:

Galettes au Camembert

Bifteck Sauté Marchand de Vins avec Gratin Dauphinois

Mousseline au Chocolat

Reine de Saba avec Glaçage au Chocolat

Bon Appetit! 

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