Belfast – Great Food, Beautiful Roses and the Titanic

As I mentioned in my Northern Ireland post, we started and ended our road trip in Belfast. On our return, we decided to spend the night there before taking the train back to Dublin the next day. Despite the super rainy day, I really liked the city. We started our day with lunch at the Crown Saloon. I was a bit skeptical given the strange decor and the pub crawlers, but I had a delicious shepherd’s pie served with roasted pumpkin and carrots.Β 

The pumpkin was definitely unexpected, but it was nicely roasted and given its sweetness a great substitute for dessert πŸ™‚ The pie was different than anything I’ve had in the states so far and it tasted delicious! I realized I don’t have great pictures of the place, but here is one in our dining booth (pardon the rain hair :-)) and one of a detail in the glass.

With our bellies full of delicious Irish food, we made our way to Tara Lodge, and then walked south to the Botanical Gardens and the Ulster Museum. The rose garden was filled with beautiful giant roses that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of despite the rain. Unfortunately, in some you can see a water drop on the lens, but I’ll keep those for myself. Here are a few of the better ones:

After a short visit to the Ulster Museum, we headed back towards the city center and took a bus to the Titanic Quarter (that’s where the heading picture is from) to visit the new Titanic Museum. The museum was very nice and it looked like a lot of work and thought has been put into it. They have an intro to Belfast and its industry, then go into how the ship was built, followed by replicas of different interior pieces, a video of launch and a section on the crash. As most of the Irish museums we’ve seen on this trip, it is focused on the story and doesn’t have any artifacts. The materials used to show what was on board are obviously not from the sunk ship. Regardless, the museum is beautiful and it does a great job at telling the story of the Titanic.

We ended our evening at Cayenne, with the best meal we’ve had this trip! I was delighted to see that they had monkfish on the menu. Devon Seafood in Chicago had Spanish inspired tasting menu that included monkfish, but when we went to try it they were out of the fish and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Our food took a long time to come out, so I was probably too hungry and I forgot to take pictures πŸ™‚ The manager did apologize sincerely and we got a side of chips and desserts on the house. I had the Brulee (passionfruit, mango compote and coconut sorbet) and my fiance had the Crumble (rhubarb and raspberry – pictured bellow), both delicious!

Overall, I had a great time in Belfast, granted that it was a bit too short to experience everything. I would love to be a student at the university (not that I want to be a student ever again :D) and get to walk through the gardens every day.

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