Beautiful Northern Ireland

And I am back! As I mentioned in my lasts posts I had a rough time at work trying to meet a deadline which led to a month of very little sleep and very little online time…also, almost no time in the kitchen, except to clean my fridge before my trip! Even though, I had to delay my flight out, I still managed to keep my original plan of spending a few days in Northern Ireland. My sister, who is now volunteering with Corrymeela in Ballycastle offered to be our driver, as she is the one who is more comfortable with driving on the “wrong” side of the road 🙂

She met us in Belfast, where we rented a car from the airport and then drove to Corrymeela to finally get to see where she works and meet some of the amazing volunteers. For the next few days, we drove around stopping at the Rope Bridge, Giant’s Causeway, Portrush (mainly for food :-)) and Glenariff Forest. We also took a day trip to Derry/LondonDerry (or pretty soon Legen-Derry maybe). We opted for a walking tour to learn about the troubled history and see some of the sights from the wall. Our guide from Martin McCrossan was very objective and optimistic about the future of Derry. If you’re ever in Northern Ireland, I highly recommend visiting Derry. The city still needs quite a bit of money and jobs to recover, so they would benefit greatly from an increase in the number of tourists 😉 I took way more pictures than I can comfortably post on the blog, so I will just try to pick a few of my favorites. I hope they will inspire you to visit Northern Ireland, if you haven’t already gone there. The picture at the beginning of the post is from Giant’s Causeway.

Walking toward the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge:

Birds nesting at Carrick a Rede:

Fine dining in Portrush at 55 North:

Murals in Derry:

Sunset at Corrymeela:

Waterfalls in Glenariff:

And of course the sheep!

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4 Responses to Beautiful Northern Ireland

  1. Shira says:

    OMG! Beautiful is right! Wow!

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