Happy Orthodox Easter!

After a long tiring week at work I took Saturday afternoon off to help one of my friends cook some traditional Romanian dishes. It felt great to be the “sous-chef” for a change! I probably wouldn’t have had the time nor the energy to plan an Easter meal this year, so I was happy my friend decided to be the host. I was mainly in charge of making a variation of lamb’s drob (similar to haggis). It is usually made with lots of lamb organs, but we didn’t want to scare away the non-Romanians, so we just used some lamb kidneys and chicken liver instead of lamb. The best part about is the herbs! I used a whole bunch of dill (it smelled divine!), one of parsley and ramps!!! Traditionally, it is made with green garlic, but I couldn’t find any and Whole Foods had ramps, which even though they are wild leeks and not garlic, to me they taste like they have the kick you usually get from the green garlic. Unfortunately, after many hours of work in the kitchen, I only have an iPhone picture of my drob mix!

We baked the drob in phyllo dough with partially boiled eggs inside. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed it (we may have not volunteered the info about what it contained to the non-Romanians :-)).

My friend made some delicious cozonac, but unlike the wikipedia picture it was filled with a walnut-cocoa mixture which was to die for. I will have to ask for the recipe and make it when I’ll have time to spend a few hours kneading…or maybe when I’ll get a bread machine 🙂

It’s been a crazy week and this one is looking just as busy, but thankfully I finished my synthesis a bit early and can make it home on time to make dinner (and laundry!!!). Must love overnight reactions 🙂

Now that you know what my drob contained, would you dare to eat it? I find that a lot of people in the US cringe at the mention of liver. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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2 Responses to Happy Orthodox Easter!

  1. Dmitry says:

    Happy Easter!! Christ is risen!!!

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