Bibimbap with Asparagus, Beef and Egg

Of course I bought more asparagus :-), and while I was trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my dinner, I came across this Korean rice bowl recipe on Bon Appetit. Friday after work, I barely made it to the Asian grocery store before closing and to my delight they had both the Korean hot pepper paste and lots jars of kimchi. I had plans for Saturday, so the ingredients had to wait until last night, so I had to impatiently wait to make this.

I approximately halved the recipe and just used onions instead of scallions, sherry since I didn’t have any sake and added some shredded carrots on the side. The ground sesame seeds with salt and chile smelled sooo good and I loved the flavor it gave to the asparagus. I didn’t have a griddle so I just used 2 skillets and cooked the asparagus in batches.

This recipe did dirty quite a few dishes, but overall it didn’t take that long to make. I will definitely make more rice bowls now, since I think they can be a good solution to finishing up leftover veggies 😉

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