I first read about Morso in a redeye issue back in September and I was intrigued by the menu. About one month passed and then it showed up again in the redeye (I faithfully read the redeye during my commute :-)), but this time the article was about their mezcal cocktail and not the food, which made me even more eager to try it. I emailed them this Wednesday to make a reservation for Thursday evening and got a positive reply impressively fast, since from my experience it usually takes a while to get email replies from restaurants.

When we arrived on Thursday, we were greeted by the hostess and we were given the choice of having a table for two or sit at the chef’s table and we went with the later one. The kitchen was running very smoothly and it was very quiet, especially compared to the screaming matches shown in Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows 🙂

Our waitress was very nice and after taking our drink orders (Chimenea for me, Smolder for my boyfriend, both very flavorful), she brought some complimentary bite size tuna crostini appetizer, followed by a jar of freshly made bread with some chocolate salt butter in the jar’s hanging lid. We got 3 types of bread: some more traditional bread rolls, herbed corn muffins and some thin slices of a crisp fruity bread dusted in a cinnamon spice mix. They also offer the choice of sparkling vs still water at no cost.

When I first saw the menu, I thought that it was quite small, but it proved very difficult to pick our top 3 favorite dishes (this is how many our waitress recommended for the two of us). In the end we went with the Antelope “Tonnato”, the Crispy Oyster & Crab Cakes and the Wild Boar Belly, and decided to try the liver and more of the seafood dishes at a later time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, but this is a picture of the antelope dish that I found here. It was very tender and it almost melted in your mouth. The next two dishes were brought and explained by the chef himself. I think all the flavors went very well together and I particularly enjoyed the combination of the olive puree, dates and wild boar belly.

Unfortunately, we didn’t leave room for dessert, so I cannot post on that. We did however get a complimentary bag of madeleines with our check, which we enjoyed the following morning with our coffee. These were made regularly during dinner by the sous chef, but we did see the pastry chef baking some of her desserts in the oven up front and they all looked pretty good. I am looking forward to trying some of the desserts next time we’ll go there!

Overall, we enjoyed a lot the attentive service, the delicious food, good cocktails and seeing our dishes made right in front of us. Both the chef and the bartender seem very talented and I hope the restaurant will be successful so we can go back and try more dishes 😉 One thing I had mixed feelings about, was the replacement of the plates and silverware after each dish. I didn’t think it was necessary and they could save some polar bears by conserving energy and water 🙂

The logo picture was taken from their website.

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